I don’t know about you but I love popcorn. I love it when I watch a movie, I love it when I want a healthy snack or sometimes just as a side for dinner.

Here is an easy recipe to supercharge your popcorn


  • heat Safflower oil in a pot with a lid
  • when the oil is nice and hot add the popcorn
  • shake often until all the kernels are popped


Now for the yummy, goody good healthy stuff:

Once the popcorn is ready, place it in a paper bag (make sure you pick a bag that is large enough)



  • a table spoon (about 5gr) of Spirulina powder,
  • a table spoon of nutritional yeast
  • a little bit of sea salt.


Shake well. Make sure that the popcorn is evenly coated and it’s ready!!!

Let us know how you find it!

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