Do you want to start growing spirulina? Do you live in Mexico, or willing to travel there? If so, check this out, it might just what you need.

Learn how to grow spirulina – training workshop in Mexico

This is a very neat opportunity to visit an active spirulina farm and in less than week, gather all the information you need to get started with the basics. And if you do, don’t forget to tell them you found Spirulina Viva on Spirulina Academy, you’ll get a 5% discount!

Spirulina Viva, Artisanal Spirulina Farm in Mexico

Spirulina Vivia receives visitors from all over Latin America who would like to start a small spirulina farm. They offer a 3-day workshop geared towards small groups who would like to grow spirulina in a sustainable fashion.

Francisco Portillo, founder and director of Spirulina Viva, leads all the activities on the farm so that visitors can get as much information from his 6 years of algae-farming experience as possible. Check out their farm in this short video:

Starting your farm, however big or small it may be, requires that you get a good handle on the basic necessities of spirulina culture from the beginning. During the workshop, you will learn how to master techniques to measure density, ph, salinity and microscope testing.

Calculating formulas doesn’t have to be complicated and you’ll do enough exercises with the team on site to become comfortable with the growth formulas so you can get your own culture going fast!

In many cases, in addition to learning the basics of Spirulina farming, Francisco also helps the visitors draw their own farm, helping make your farm the most efficient design possible, based on you production goals, weather conditions, and budget. They’ve been in the business for long enough, they know how to start a production and avoid the problems you might encounter.

spirulina farm, grow spirulina

The workshop typically includes the following:

  • Tour with explanation of the structure and purpose of each component of our farm
  • Intensive workshop on Spirulina production
  • Harvesting (hands on), packaging and production of several products
  • Processes including starting, feeding and growth procedures and formulas
  • Testing for quality, microscope and laboratory requirements
  • Transfer of materials, manuals, starter culture to use, and follow-up

… and of course, you’ll eat quite a bit of Spirulina in various recipes and forms!

Visitors take with them several starter cultures so you can directly start growing as soon as you go home and with the different starter cultures, you are sure to have a backup plan too!

Spirulina Viva harvests and distributes fresh spirulina algae in central Mexico.
Frozen spirulina Mexico spirulina bar, spirulina snackThe main product is life spirulina (spirulina viva), packaged pure to be stored in the freezer and used in 10-gram squares.

In addition, Spirulina Vivia offers Spiru-Crunchies, low-temperature dehydrated pure spirulina and Spiru-Snacks, the famous granola-bar type snack with seeds and spirulina.


More Information: [email protected]

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