There are 5 strategies that you must apply if you want to regulate you cholesterol levels. Before detailing them, I have to warn you:

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THIS IS NOT A MAGICAL POTION. You will have to actually DO things and CHANGE your lifestyle if you want to regulate your cholesterol levels.

But you have to realize that if you don’t take action to improve your health and more specifically your cholesterol levels naturally you will be doomed to be and stay on statin drugs for the rest of you life.

And this is certainly NOT something you want. Not with the statin, not with any prescription drug! If I get injured of have an acute disease, I will for sure follow my doctor advise, but take a prescription drug for the rest of my life is masking a symptom, not treating the cause of a problem.

If you just mask, hide, a problem it will never go away and worst it could get nastier!

Just imagine 2 persons Maria and Laura, about the same age, living in the same city. Maria and Laura have both weird noises coming from their cars. cartoon-carMaria decides that she doesn’t want to go to the garage because she can’t afford to be 3 days without a car, she has no time to go and except for that noise, it’s working fine. So she chooses to buy huge speakers that she puts at the back of her car and voila… no more weird noise coming from the car! It took her $150 and only a couple of hours and the problem was fixed!

Laura, on the other hand, decides that even though it is very inconvenient to be without car for 3 days, she will stop at the garage to have the mechanic identifying the origin of the noise. Laura will have to use her bicycle and ask friends to carpool during that time but she resolves that she can do it. A few days later Laura gets her car back, paid $500 to get the problem fixed and now her car is “as new”. She knows that she’ll be able to rely on her car for much much longer.

Maria, drove for another year without any problems. She enjoyed the new sound system in her car and everything was just fine when suddenly BANG her motor explodes! Maria’s car is totaled! She has to buy a another one. Costs: at least $7,000!

The moral of the story is that Maria chose to cover the symptoms of the problem and not the cause and therefore not “fixing” anything really.

Do you think that in the same situation you would have acted like Laura and make sure you identify the cause of the problem to take the best course of action possible? Or like Maria?

So, if it is true for your car, it is also true for your own body. Why don’t you try to identify the cause of your high cholesterol or diabetes or excess eight or anything else and take action to tackle down the problem?  I know, sometimes they are genetic reasons that won’t allow you to do that but most of the time YOU are responsible. It is time to take ownership of your own health!

So if you are ready to do like Laura, if you are ready to take action to make sure you tackle the cause, the root of the problem there are 5 key strategies you can (and should) put into action to reduce your cholesterol, read on  (And yes, I’ll talk about spirulina in the next post!) 🙂



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