Growing you own spirulina at home is one of the most rewarding adventure you can take on to improve your health. Did you know that fresh spirulina is even more potent than the dry form (powder or tablets) you can find in health food stores. Why? The nutrients are much denser (up to 3 times!) and  also have a higher bioavailability. You will be able to benefits from all the anti-oxidants, all the vitamins and minerals you find in spirulina from the freshest source.

blue cheese fresh spriulina and rice crackerMost of the spirulina found in the health food stores are from Hawaii or the Philippines and even though the quality is good, it’s spray dried and it’s coming a long way – not very environmentally friendly, think about all that CO2 that has been released in the atmosphere to bring that spirulina all the way to your home, when you can just as easily (or almost 🙂 ) make it at home.

And let me tell you that you will be amazed by the difference in taste of the fresh vs. the dry spirulina! You owe it to yourself to try, at least once! To be honest with you, I really have a hard time to eat the powdered spirulina, the taste just doesn’t do it for me, this is why I often mix the dry spirulina in smoothies or some other (yummy) recipes. BUT the fresh spirulina, that’s a different story! It has a neutral flavor with a light nutty after taste and has the texture is somewhere between tofy and cream cheese! Just INCREDIBLE!

top 8 mistakes

The best of it is that growing your own spirulina is easy and fun. It’s also a great activity to do with the kids. Not to mention all the money you’ll save.

There are just a few pitfalls to avoid, but when you know what they are, it’s easy!

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