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    I’m growing Spirulina on a very basic budget and don’t have access to a microscope. I am slightly worried about contamination and it seems others have only been able to tell if their culture is contaminated by seeing foreign bodies through a microscope. What other indicators are there that the culture is contaminated? e.g. colour, pH etc.

    And can the majority of contaminants simply be killed by increasing the pH to around 10-11 (by adding more Sodium Bicarbonate)?


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    This is Madhusudhan,actuqlly iam cultivating 4000 liters of culture and in the beginning the color and pH was nice after some days the colour turned to the lighter green. So can it be fixed for the regeneration so please help me out

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    I have read that if the color changes to some yellow or if there are some brown like falling at the bottom these may alert for contamination .

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    I am worried about my culture. Color is nice very dark green, but after harvesting there is very small orange speckles in the fabric and little bit in the medium. I dont have microscope so I dont know. when I mix the medium there is rising little bit orange speckles in the surface not much but still is. I have take these off with small trainer.

    And when eating fress it´s sometime have small grunch in the mouth. is there too much nutrient or they have not dissolved in the water.

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    I also have yellow/orange flakes that settle at the bottom, but when agitating the water while harvesting they come to the surface. I assume this is just dead algae or some kind of sulfur precipitation. I am still searching to see if this result is caused by improper nutrients or grow techniques. I use two different micron screens to filter out the yellow stuff, but most importantly I make sure not to agitate the water while I’m harvesting. I have a 45 micron which traps more than 90% of the yellow stuff, but allows the spirulina to pass through. And then I have the 25 micron screen which catches 99% of the Spirulina.

    The Spirulina looks fine under my microscope, and tastes and smells almost like nothing, so I think all is still okay.

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