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    How you lower PH levels? At the moment my PH is 10,53 and I thinks it’s start to be too much. The Culture is very dense and I start to make mega harvest cause I am going to the holiday with my family after one week.

    I have not much nutrients left and trying to use less until the ingredients arrives wich is going to take one month. Could that be reason why PH is high?(very dense with low mounth of nutrients)

    So this is starting really conserning me. Hope that PH dont kill my algae.


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    Nebojsa Todorovic

    Hi,to anser youre question.
    Spirulina can tolerate ph levels up to 11,my sugestion is to colect the spirulina you have with a filter or by skiming the spirulina that floats on the top,after duing that try puting less baking soda in a new mixture of nutrient and ad the harvested spirulina.
    Two more tips,try giving the spirulina less air (if you are using a air pump turn it off)
    and try gradually lowering the temperature of the mixture(but not to much)this will make the spirulina grow slower and still keap it alive until you get the nutrients you orderd.I myself had the same problem and solved it by ading watermellon fertilizer that had a slight acidic reaction to the solution until the pH stabilised at 10,add the fertilizer gradualy until you get the desired pH,each mixture is unique(sodium hydroxide to sodium bicarbonate and other chemical ratio) so i won’t be able to tell you how much to add.
    Good luck Jo,hope this is helpfull

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