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    I started using Spirulina in early March since I suffer with gerd and was told that Spirulina would help.
    After three weeks, I thought I developed kidney stones. Some websites I have visited said that Spirulina can cause kidney stones. Is this correct? Also, some spirulina powder sticks to my spoon. Is this normal? I do like the taste of Spirulina so I hope you can reassure me. Thank you, neelieann

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    Henri Lentonen

    As far as I understand, kidney stones down develope that fast.

    But to your question, it depends on what the spirulina is grown. You should use organic spirulina, if you intend use high doses of 10-30 grams per day as medicine.

    One teaspoon is about 3 grams of spirulina, one tablespoon is about 10 grams. So you can safely use 3 tablespoons of spirulina in day. There is research that even 100 grams per day can be consumed by humans, but 30 grams is safe for all, but should always start with little amount and then increase over time the dose.

    If you belive taking spirulina is affecting your kidneys somehow, that is mostly couse your metabolism increases when you take spirulina – which is a good thing.

    But then you have to remember, that it means more urine: and if you dont drink enough, your urine will be very yellow and dark, which can lead to formation of kidney stones.

    So the best way to avoid kidney problems from this view, is to drink enough. If you have only tapwater, which is chlorinated/fluoritaded, you should use bottled spring water.

    Also you might want to search a source of non-toxic watersource near you, couse bottled springwater also contains some of the plastic in it: but it is still better choice for drinking water, than tapwater from the public water system.

    Spirulina will stick in your spoon and it is normal. You just have to mix it enough in the water and scrap it off the spoon.

    Also, what is “gerd” since I didnt understand what condition is that?

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      Thank you Gerd is gastroesophageal reflux disease (acid reflux) I developed it as a result of H Pylori infection. Thankfully an upper endoscopy showed that I no longer had HPylori in my body.

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    If you take organic spirulina with 500 mg perday. You will be more healthy. But there is no proof of kidney stones caused by spirulina.

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