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By Katie Kohlstedt

What’s the most nutritious food on earth? And why should you have had it for breakfast?

Spirulina is not a just some trendy food. You might just have heard of it. Or if you have been taking it in capsules since 1976, then you might feel like you were ahead of the “natural foods” game. How does it make you feel to know that 13th century Mexicans beat us to it?

Lake Texcoco once existed where Mexico City and its millions of inhabitants now are. The lake was one of the few places where Spirulina (scientific name Athrospira platensis) evolved. Billions of years ago when the Earth was a toxic soup, Spirulina converted the carbon dioxide in the air into oxygen, making it a hospitable place for other organisms to evolve since.

If the Aztecs hadn’t had many of their traditions destroyed, polluted or outlawed, we might see Spirulina tortillas on more menus. Unfortunately the conversion of Mexico City to a Spanish-style grid filled in and contaminated the Spirulina in the lake. We do know from diaries of conquistadors and drawings that it was eaten by Aztec leaders, warriors and messengers that ran long distances.

Maybe you have days when you feel like a warrior or a messenger that travels long distances. I have a 2- and a 5-year- old, so that is a pretty accurate description of my week. Hence, we modern warriors could use some Spirulina.

Frozen spirulina Mexico - Buy Spirulina Mexico
Spirulina is the richest whole-food source of nutrients available in nature. Spirulina is rich in vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, and protein, containing 95 percent of the nutrients that humans need. Spirulina is the richest source, and also a complete set of amino acids, containing 60 percent protein– more than soybeans, eggs and beef. Freshly harvested Spirulina is rich in phycocyanin, the most powerful known antioxidant. (It’s blue!) The United Nations named Spirulina the “best food for the future” because of its potential role in curing malnutrition and anemia.

In this century, the most common method of distributing Spirulina is dehydrating. Although drying is a great way to extend its shelf life indefinitely, it is bad for the light- and heat- sensitive elements that make Spirulina so incredible.

Spirulina Viva Team - Spirulina in Mexico - Buy Spirulina MexicoOur method of harvesting and getting the Spirulina to our customers as soon as possible enables you to eat the highest quality Spirulina in its most delicious form. We harvest on our small farm outside Atotonilco, where we start the day at 6:30 to harvest, bag and weigh our “spirulina squares.” Spirulina Viva recommends eating a 10-gram square a day, usually in the morning. Of course, if you need more nutrients, are making serious diet changes or would like to feel much better than you currently do, go for two squares.

Spirulina Viva is “live” food – and just like all raw fruits and vegetables the sooner you consume them the more nutritious they are. If you aren’t eating your salad in a powder form, you shouldn’t eat your Spirulina like that either.

Our fresh and frozen Spirulina is also much easier to mix with water, juices or other foods like guacamole.Spirulina snack - Power snack made of spirulina in Mexico - Buy Spirulina MexicoIt has no taste. And because the cell walls are not damaged by dehydrating, the entire contents of the cells are intact and completely available for absorption.

Spirulina’s properties are well-known and studied. It is used to detoxify,to maintain a healthy weight, for anemia and other vitamin deficiencies. It combats aging and renews all the cells in the body with its unbeatable antioxidants.

Looks like we’ve got a local, fresh and pre-hispanic answer to our modern issues.

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