Hi spirulina lovers!  Shop selling “Bikaneri bhujia” in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Jul 2010.Today I would like to share with you a new type of spirulina product coming directly from India. It’s called Her Bhujia. Did you know Bhuija is a popular snack in India made of beans & chickpeas flours and indian spices?


Dr. Randhir Gajraj from Bioenttri, touched by the women malnutrition problem in India, decided to give a new twist to this traditional snack and added spirulina to the traditional bhujia, which he named Her Bujia.

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For those of you who had never heard about “bhujia” before, I would say bhujia is kind of like a potato chip, but it’s not. It makes me think about a chip because this yummy treat is almost as addictive. Once you started, it’s hard to stop, it’s that good!  Everybody in India snacks on bhujia and it’s a ‘must’ in almost every meal.  Dr. Randhir Gajraj sent Spirulina Academy four different samples. Three variations of Her bhujia (Spicy, Natural and Mint) and “Chocolina” (chocolate + spirulina powder) use to make chocolate milk.


Her Bhujia 2 - NEW SPIRULINA PRODUCT FROM INDIA - review from Spirulina Academy

Here is what we think:

First, we want to thank & support Dr. Gajraj in his efforts to improve women’s malnutrition in India and his MRIDUL project (Malnutrition Remedy of Indian Domain for Undernourished Ladies).  MRIDUL is an hindu name that means Soft in Sanskrit.

Her Bhujia is created with a plethora of spices that are so characteristic of the Indian cuisine – Turmeric powder, Black and white peppercorns, Indian Cloves, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Bay leaf, Coriander powder, Cumin powder and Asafoetida powder.  I know… it’s a lot, but it’s what makes the deepness of the flavor.

We really enjoyed the crunchiness of Her Bhujia and also the various flavors, especially the Her bhujia spirulina snack from india - a Review from Spirulina Academymint variation. It’s minty fresh and the spirulina taste is almost undetectable. The minty flavor comes from dry mint leaves. We loved it. However we found that a couple of days after opening the bag, the flavor was not as strong.

Another really tasty favor of Her Bhujia is the spicy one – which as the name implies, is spicy hot! I liked it very much but not everybody here did, I guess it depends on your appreciation of spicy food.

The natural variation is also good, but I got really used to that extra taste in the spicy and minty one.

Finally, we tried the dessert Spirulina, “Chocolina” powder, which we mixed with spirulina chocolate powder made in India - Product Review from Spirulina Academucoconut milk (but any milk or water would do). It mixed very easily in cold milk, which is always pleasant. We really liked the flavor. It’s not sweetened so I added a drop of stevia and a drop of my favorite caramel flavor. I think the Chocolina powder is the perfect tool for introducing spirulina to kids. They shouldn’t be able to make the difference between Chocolina and a regular chocolate drink powder.

All three different varieties of Her Bhujia (Spicy, Natural and Mint) are prepared with Sunflower or Ground nut Oil to help in the absorption of the Beta Carotene and pro Vitamin-A. Personally, I found it a little bit too oily, but again, it depends on the cultures dietary habits and your personal tastes. There is only 250 mg of spirulina per table spoon, but as Indians eat a lot of bhujia everyday, it should add up nicely.

All in all, I can say these products are a home run – a really neat yet & tasty way to get your daily dosage of spirulina.

The Spirulina farm is located in a beautiful area near Sambhar lake Rajasthan and is 100% solar powered. Let them know if you are in the area and want to check it out – http://sabranbioenttri.com/contact/

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Dr. Gajraj and his team supports a great initiative in helping to be a solution, a source for alleviating malnutrition in India. We say “Thank You” Dr. Gajraj for the new products developed and the support of human life you offer to your fellow country women.

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