Founder of Spirulina Academy and author of the upcoming book “The Student Spirulina Textbook”, Dr Cath’s mission is to make people more aware of spirulina’s health benefits and explain not only when and how to consume it but also why it is so vital to include this cyanbacteria in our diet for optimum health.Dr Cath also details in this website how to grow it yourself to not only safes money but get the best quality you can eat: fresh spirulina!

Dr Cath’s holds a PhD in Marine Biology and launched Spirulina Bahamas, a spirulina farm in the Bahamas.


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This website is offered for information purposes only and is protected under freedom of speech. It is not medical advice nor should it be construed as such. Nothing in this website and other related documents such as videos and ebooks is intended to diagnose or treat any disease. Always work with a qualified health professional before making any changes to your diet, prescription drug use, lifestyle or exercise activates. This information is provided as-is, and the reader assumes all risks from the use, non-use or misuse of this information. The information in this website is not supported by conventional medicine or most physicians. It is, however, the truth.
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